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Mohanan Nair,56yrs,07-03-2011

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Provisional Diagnosis - Cirrhosis liver/PHTN/COPD
Final Diagnosis - Cirrhosis liver/PHTN/COPD/coeliac disease
History and Findings -

Referred by Dr.Shine GE med with h/o Allergic dermatitis both legs of 6yrs& chronic Dioarrhoea

OGD scopy 18/1/11-Esophageal varices/Pangastritis/Hiatus hernia

colonoscopy on 18/2/11-Hemorrhoids

Adv:Repeat OGD 7 D2 biopsy in view of chronic diarrhoea on 22/3/11

HPR-8/3/11-Small focus showing flattening of villi,mild increase in CD3 positive,intraepithelial cells in consistent with coeliac disease

More florid picture couldnot be seen likely to the possibility of self gluten restriction

Skin problem consistent with dermatitis herpeti formis

Investigation -
Treatment -
Follow Up -
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