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Johns AM,70yrs/M 22/08/11

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Provisional Diagnosis-T2DM/SHTN/D,Nephropathy/CRF/Lichen Amyloidosis legs ? Multiple Myeloma ?Amyloidosis AL
Final Diagnosis-T2DM/SHTN/D.Nephropathy/CRF/AL Amyloidosis
History and Findings-Treatment from Nephrology Dept Lake shore hospital A k/c/o T2DM/SHTN/D.Nephropathy/CRF last 3yrs Rise in creatinine steadily since 8months,persistent anemia reported to AIMS 0n 22/08/11
Investigation-ESR-122,Hb-8.6,Albumin-3+,blood urea-119,Creatinine-6.9,Calcium-7.7,Phosphorous-5mg,ALP-148,GGT-29,A/g-3.7/4.56,PSA-5.10,CRP-14.7,ECG-LVH,CXR-Cardiomegaly LV S.IgG-2380,Beta 2 Microglobulin-15.6,kappa,Lambda ratio-2.05,BM aspiration 1/09/11-normal study,BM biopsy 1/09/11- Cellular marrow with trilineage maturation,anterior abd wall fat pad biopsy 14/09/11-Report 17/9/11 PAS weak staining for eosinophilic material in the congo red shows apple green bireferingence with polarising light consistent with Amyloidosis Case referred to Medical oncology
Treatment-Thalidomide with Dexamethasone started 20/09/11
Follow Up-
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doctor bhaskaaran

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