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Sasikuttan Nair,55yrs/M 25/08/11

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Provisional Diagnosis-Obesity/DLP/Hyperuricemia ?Insulinoma ?Diabetes Insipidus
Final Diagnosis-Psychogenic Polydypsia vit D def
History and Findings-Polyurea,Polydypsia,increased appettite,burning abdominal pain,Sleep disturbance,lethargy,snoring 11yrs duration Wt-89kg BMI-31,acanthosis nigricans+
Investigation-Hb-15.6,ESR-22,HbA1c-5.8%,A/g-4.57/3.44,ALP-69,FBS-83.9,Total Insulin-22.7,serum PTH-90.1(15-68 normal),Serum.Gastrin-162(normal upto 100),Serum.Amylase-56,Lipase-29,urine amylase-88,Creatinine-1.1,Ca-1.4,P-3.8,PSA-2.924,TSH-2.17,25(OH)Vit D-15.54,S.Osmolality-335,urine osmolality-547,Na-141.K-4.3,ECG-Wnl,Cxr-N,MRI Brain-15/09/11-No mass lesion in pituitary region
Treatment-Doxepin/Metformin/Calcirol sachets
Follow Up-
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doctor bhaskaaran

doctor bhaskaaran

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