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S Aji,34yrs/M 16/06/11

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  Provisional Diagnosis - Raynaud's Lt UL ?Thoracic outlelt obstruction yndrome ?Vasculitis Liver Dysfn ?Auto immune
  Final Diagnosis - Cryoglobulin induced Raynaud's LUL HCV infection
  History and Findings - Shock like pain Lt UL paroxysmal in nature s/o Raynaud's x 12yrs.H/o jaundice 3 epidodes in ths past & also in the family.Premarietal sex+,non alcoholic.MRI LS spine 5/4/11 diffuse annular disc bulge L4 L5,L5 S1 MRI Cervical spine 5/5/11 normal,MRI Brain normal
  Investigation - Hb-16.2,ESR-14,platelet-349.0,CRP-2.26,Creat-1mg,uric-6.3,ca-9.7,P-4.24,GGT-153.1,SGPT-120.6,SGOT-47.5,A/g-4.64/3.4,ALP-84,Ck-350.3,TSH-1.88,ATg-0.91,TPO-1,26,HbA1c-5.8%, ANA-neg,ceruloplasmin-38.12(normal)Fe-173.89,HBSAg,anti HCV,HIV screen neg,VDRL NR,TPHA neg,Doppler neck vessel normal,Doppler Lt UL arteries normal,USG neck normal,Cryoglobulins +ve,ECG-Wnl,cxr-Normal,anti HCV ELISA Neg,HCV RNA PCR qualitative+ve,HCV viral load quantitative < 15 +ve
  Treatment - Ecospirin/UDCA/Silymarin
  Follow Up - Pt asymptomatic/LFT improving
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doctor bhaskaaran

doctor bhaskaaran

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