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Joyamma Baby,67yrs/F 14/11/11

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Provisional Diagnosis-Dyspepsia/Wt loss/upper ab pain/vague mass epigastrium ?GI Malignancy
Final Diagnosis-Adenocarcinoma pancreas with liver METS
History and Findings-SHTN x 1yr,dyspepsia x 2months,upper abd pain,retrosternal burning x1month,Wt loss 60kg-51kg in 2months. O/e vague mass epigastrium tender
Investigation-Hb-10.5,ESR-20,HBA1c-5.8%,S,Creatinine-1.4,Amylase-49.3,Lipase-40,CRP-1.45,CA 125-51.6,CeA-76.33,25(OH)Vit D-19.15,Stool fat +ve,OB neg,OGD scopy 18/11/11-Hiatus hernia,Colonoscopy same day normal study.MDCT abd contrast & CA 19-9 on 18/11/11 scan shows an ill defined irreular marginate mildly enhancing lesions in body & tail of pancreas with proximal dilatation of main pancreatic duct with multiple peripherally enhancing lesions noticed in both lobes of liver s/o METS (CA 19-9)5430.5
Treatment-Referred to RCC TVM on patients request for tissue diagnosis & management
Follow Up-
doctor bhaskaaran

doctor bhaskaaran

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