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T Geetha,46yrs/F Kannur 15/06/11

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Provisional Diagnosis-Hypothyroidism/Thyroiditis Polymyositis to r/o Multiple Myeloma
Final Diagnosis-Polymyositis(Biopsy proved) Lymphocytic thyroiditis Iron Def anemia
History and Findings-Polyarthritis x 4months,Pain back interscapular area Thyromegaly Rt lobe Wt-44k
Investigation-Hb-8.19,ESR-62,HBA1c-5.2%,creat-0.7,Uric acid-5,Ca-8.6Iron-33.7,Ferritin-162.29,A/g-3.47/4.66,CRP-22.74,TSH-5.23,TPO-30.28 & ATG-54.85(Both high),RAF-Neg,ECG-Normal,CXR-cardiomegaly,Echo-Normal study, FNAC thyroid-lymphocytic thyroiditis,Serum protein EP-No M Band,ANA IFA-+++ Anti Jo antibody +ve,Anti SEL 70 ,Anti RNP +++,Anti SM +ve,ds DNA-Neg,Ck-253,Muscle biopsy(NIMHANS)(No-X3382/11)24/10/11-Inflamatory myopathy with vasculitis(Delay in biopsy & Rx since pt went for ayurvedic trial at ottapalam in between)
Treatment-Thyronorm/Fefol Z/Pan D wef 15/6/11 Wysolone/Milical/Azoran wef 7/12/11(After pt returned leaving ayurvedic trial).
Follow Up-
doctor bhaskaaran

doctor bhaskaaran

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Website: www.optuyeohdu.com/
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