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Ponamma,71yrs/F 28/02/11

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Provisional Diagnosis-SHTN Temporal arteritis
Final Diagnosis-Giant Cell Arteritis (Clinical)
History and Findings-Severe headache since 6months with decreased vision H/o Thrombocytopenia in Aug 2010 ?Dengue fever BP-140/100
Investigation-Hb-12.2,ESR-100,Dengue IgM-Neg,PT with INR-1.01,Blood urea-23,S.Creatinine-0.7,A/g-3.60/2.8,HBSAg-neg,TSH-0.95,ANA-neg,CRP-7.48,urine-Blood 2+,urine-5-7RBCs,S.protein EP-No M Band,Doppler study-Temporal arteries 1/03/11-No significant thickenning,normal flow.temporal artery biopsy 3/3/11-Report 5/3/11-No e/o granuloma/inflamation
Treatment-Tab.Wysolone 20mg od wef 10/03/11
Follow Up-Significant improvement in headache & vision ESR-40 on 06/05/11 & urinary findings clear on 10/03/11.
doctor bhaskaaran

doctor bhaskaaran

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