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R Anandha shekaran,44yrs/M 09/03/11

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Provisional Diagnosis-Nonocaseating Cervical L.adenopathy ?Toxoplasmosis?Sarcoidosis
Final Diagnosis-Toxoplasmosis(Cervical L.adenitis-Biopsy)
History and Findings-Case referred by Dr.Pavithran Prof.Medical oncology H/o recurrent throat pain,sputum+,voice change frequently since last 12yrs.H/o Lt sided postr C.L.adenopathy x 1month.Pain Lt shoulder x 1month Family h/o Sisterx 1-Tuberculosis O/e Pharyngitis++,Post nasal secretion +,Halitosis+
Investigation-CRP-1.95,Hb-13.7,ESR-10,WBC,Plat-N,ca-8.7,A/g-4.7/3.5,LFT-N,LDH-198.5,Tox IgM 16/03/11+ve (2.362),Brucella IgM Neg,ACE-44 (N),pre op serology(HIV,anti HCV,HBSAg)-neg,Cxr-Rt basal cystic changes,Xray PNS-Max sinusitis B/l,C-ANCA-neg,Mx-Neg,Histopathology C.L Node S11-2290-No Caseating microgranulomas possibility of toxoplasmosis,ENT consultation for nasal endoscopy
Treatment-Tab.Rovamycin forte x 6weeks (spiramycin)
Follow Up-R/w 03/06/11-Pt asymptomatic HadENT Rx for sinusitis
doctor bhaskaaran

doctor bhaskaaran

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