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Manju K V ,64yrs/F 21/04/11

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Provisional Diagnosis-Basilar Migraine ?Hyperviscosity syndrome Neuromyasthenia Vit D def state
Final Diagnosis-Basilar Migraine/Hyperviscosity syndrome Neuromyasthenia Vit D def state
History and Findings-Referred from Adm office AIMS Recurrent syncopal episodes >30yrs H/o headache along with diziness Previous units ENT 10/12/10 Rt ear SNHL-minimal,Lt ear-SNHL Mod severe cardiology-CAG 29/07/05-normal coronaries Bronchial asthma from age 24 on inhalers from Pulmo Neurology 12/3/10-NCV normal,3 hr video EEG 4/12/10-N study GE Med 1/4/04-OGD Normal
Investigation-Previous Inv:MRI brain with MRA 03/12/10-N study Electrolytes/LFT/ANA/ACLA(Anti cardiolipine ab),TSH,Hb all normal Present Inv:Hb-12.6,ESR-36.CRP-1.23,Ca-8.8,P-3.9,TSH-0.46,TPO-2.70,ATg-23.19,HBSAg,anti HCV-Neg,Cryoglobulins-Neg,A/g-4.25/4g,ALP-89.9 ECG-WNl,Echo-25/04/11-N study,25(OH)vit D -9.16,Beta 2 microglobulin-2.93,IgE-1373.72 Other immunoglobulins-N(0.24-1.98)
Treatment-Tab.Sibelium 5mg 0-0-1,calcirol sachets + oral Milical,Tab.Fiona 60mg 0-0-1,Tab.Nortryptillin 25mg 0-0-1 increased to 0-0-2 wef 08/08/11,Tab.Montelukast Ct inhalers as before.
Follow Up-No further episodes of syncope
doctor bhaskaaran

doctor bhaskaaran

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